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How to design an Accessible Website?


Often you’d come across websites that don’t take care of user’s interests. Well it kind of gets irritating for the visitor who has come all the way discarding other sites and visiting a particular useless one. What a waste of time; but there are the good ones as well like Wikipedia, Google and Yahoo. These popular sites are growing and offering new benefits to the users.

Every day they are coming up with features that make them more accessible to the billions of users worldwide. In fact they are working out ways for disabled users who need a much simplified access to sites. It’s an overwhelming concept and designers need to implement them sooner in order to build functional and saleable sites. Orange County Website Design offers you a whole lot of services that helps give birth to good and accessible sites.



Image Source: designtutorials4u.com


And accessible and better interface welcomes more visitors; but that doesn’t make your website look like an outcast. Even you can use better and smarter technologies along with an accessible interface.


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