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How To Create A Memorable Logo For Your Company


Creating a memorable logo is undoubtedly a tricky job. Even successful companies like Microsoft, Pepsi, Starbucks and Yahoo have gone through the trial-and-error method before being able to successfully pin down the correct formula.

An effective brand logo needs to be attractive as well as functional. To put it in very simple words, a memorable logo is a lot more than a fancy work of art.


A Good Logo Design


Companies often enlist the services of an experienced web designer to come up with the perfect logo design. It is equally important, therefore, that the designer understands the basic concept of the product and brand name to create a fitting logo. Given that web designers are more comfortable creating websites and using WordPress, it might be difficult for them to conceive and create a functional logo. Therefore, some of the following considerations can be kept in mind while designing a brand logo.


  • Target customers need to be kept in mind while designing the logo, instead of paying attention only to personal preferences.

  • Examine the market for possible competitors, and then come up with a design that is unique.

  • Consider the popularity of the present design, and then make only minor changes to it if there are possibilities of branding issues.


A Bad Logo Design


Unfortunately, many companies mistakenly conclude the job of logo designing to be an easy undertaking. Some logo designing practices that might have disastrous effects on the brand name are:


  • Giving preference to personal taste rather than customer satisfaction.

  • Changing the logo so often that it fails to get any recognition in the market.

  • In an urge to create a simplistic design, companies often come up with a logo that is plain boring.

  • A logo design with too many intricate details often distracts the attention of the onlooker with its myriad parts, and creates a sense of confusion.


Upcoming Trends In Logo Designing


Apart from remembering the best practices of logo designing, it is equally important to keep abreast with the changing trends. Here are some of the latest trends in the field of logo designing.


  • Use neutral colors: Like 2012, logos in neutral colors will continue to dominate the market. Apart from gray and brown, softer shades of green, blue, pink and purple will also continue to dominate the scene. It will be wise to avoid dark shades like black, oranges and red.

  • 3D Designs are the new trend: Prominent outlines, small and 2D shapes that can easily fit into square templates seem to have gone out of fashion. Customers seem to connect better with logos that do not have any outlines and create an airy feel. Larger and free flowing shapes that can break the barriers of a squarish template are the new trend in logo designing.



The basic purpose of the logo of a brand is to connect with the customers. Hence, the best designed logos are the ones that are simple in their structural outlay and easy for onlookers to understand and comprehend.

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