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How Important is the Google Plus 1 (+1) Button?


So what is the Google +1 Button? How does it help an online visitor searching for information through the search engines? Also, how does it help internet marketers and business owners who are trying their best to rank well on Google SERPs? Let us have a quick look at how to make the optimal use of the Google +1 Button, as visitors and business owners.



Ok, so Google +1 Button is available for use on websites. What it does is allow visitors to a site to rate the content as per their liking of it. This acts as a referral for the future, stating how good the quality of the web page and its content is. This requires the visitor to your site to be logged into their Google account while “+1”ing your page’s content.

This in turn places your site under the “+1 Tab” on the visitor’s Google Profile, and acts like a referral from the user to other visitors. This can even add to the ranking of your site on the SERPs, although the effect is comparatively very low. And this button can be very easily used on mobile devices too – all you need is a Mobile Website Development Company to build you a mobile website for it.

Right now Google is trying to see how authentic the effect of the +1 button is for considering it to be a factor for SERP, especially considering the number of spammers on the internet.

Implementing the Google +1 Button is pretty simple. Just two simple code snippets are all that is needed to make it work in the right way.

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