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Generate Profit with Mobile Marketing


Smart phones are creating revolution in the world of science and technology. Blackberry, iphones powered by the Android OS are now taking the position of our laptops and desktops too. People are now thinking that affording a tablet or smart phones are a much better option than to go for the PC’s or even laptops.



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Even I came across a news that mobile is becoming an effective way of marketing. Though I am not much sure of the fact, but from the statement they put forward, it can be…


  • As we are more tend to use mobile every now and then, searching for any product in our handsets is much easier option than using the laptops. The number of the mobile or the smart phone users is almost 6 times than the computer/ laptops users.


  • With the growth of the internet, getting the net connection in the cell is not a big deal now.


  • If we compare percentage of the people using the mobile with the one using the laptops or the computers, former will score high. Almost everyone is using the mobile. So, with the help of the mobile, sales can be generated even from that person, who never thought of getting the laptops or the PC.


  • If you can widen the marketing of your product, it’s very natural that your sales will increase.


  • As it can be carried anywhere at any time, it will be much easier for the business house to establish and also strengthen their relationship with their customers.


  • The mobile marketing is more target oriented and market specific.


  • With the help of the mobile marketing, one can always get a better response from the end user.



I feel the as the number of users are growing day by day, the business houses, can easily take the advantage of the mobile marketing.


  • With the help of the MMS service, a product related video, may be a relating new launch can be sent to the clients in almost no time. Moreover, the customer can check that you without the hassle of starting the PC and logging in.


  • Till date, SMS was a very important way of marketing in Europe and Asia, North America and is spreading worldwide now. However permission can be taken in needs.


  • Promotional message can be send with the help of the mobile games, and more interestingly the business houses can sponsor a game if they want to…



The benefits, that I thought of reading the news includes –

  1. The promotional campaigns are cost effective.

  2. It can easily reach to a wider range of the audience and hence will increase its market share.

  3. Customer relationship can go better, and new customers can come through.


But, needless to mention that to avail all these facilities, the main thing one need to focus on is making a strong mobile website page. The original one that the searchers are viewing in their PC will not work here.

This is simply because, handsets fail to support all the features of the PC’s and the display is not big in comparison. While making the mobile website, few ways that I think should be considered.


  1. Marketing with the help of the SMS.

  2. MMS marketing.

  3. Mobile website marketing.

  4. Marketing with the help of the Bluetooth tech.

  5. Mobile marketing with the proximity systems.

  6. Position (or location) based services.


With the information I got from the news, mobile marketing, I think is one of the most efficient way to develop the business and getting almost instant result. But for that you need to spend few bucks and set up a proper mobile website. So, think it over, and decide whether you want to save money now in not making the proper website or you want to generate high profit and get more customers by making a proper mobile – site?

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