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Four Web Designing Trends that Are Likely To Dominate 2013

We have ushered into another new year and it reckons the implementation of new web designing practices too. Like the changing algorithms of the search engines, trends in website design are also open to modifications and improvement. Here is a short list of four trends that are likely to dominate the web designing world in the course of the year 2013. Responsive designing is simply the practice of planning the layout of your web pages and blogs so that they are effortlessly displayed on varied screen sizes. In 2012, 13% of all website surfing was carried out using tablets and phones.


Given these figures, the number of people accessing the internet through devices other than the laptop and desktop are only set to rise in 2013. It is therefore important to adopt responsive web designing practices, as internet users access the Internet more frequently from their cell phones, smart phones and tablets than the desktop. Minimalistic Design The practice of keeping the web pages will reign the block in the days to come! Uncluttered and simple lay-outs and minimal use of frivolous graphics to adorn the webpage will be something that would be in vogue.


The tendency will be to use text-based navigation and full-screen content. Use custom photography, single page layout and a full page background If you want your customers to find easy information about your business, then adopting this design practice is a good option. You can advertise the portfolio of your company, whether you deal with photography, design, original artwork, or e-commerce products. This concept is also useful for a single page layout. It can help you save time and resources and gives your website a focused edge. Designed Typography It is always better to chose beautiful and interesting font designs against customized graphics.


Google Fonts and @Font-Face rule are two sites from where designers can choose the particular style that will best suit their requirements from a wide variety of options. Fonts can be used creatively to give the website a unique look. This trend is definitely set to grow in 2013 as extensive use of graphics and flash lengthen the page-loading time. To conclude, website designing in 2013 will become more straight-forward, open and accessible, endeavoring to provide the maximum possible information that customers and prospects demand. The style of designing will be minimalistic, and will be geared towards providing as much information as possible.


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