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Foundation Helps You Create Amazing WordPress Websites


Couple of months back in February 2013, ZURB launched the fourth version of Foundation. You must be wondering right now what Foundation is all about. Simply put, it is a responsive design framework. The fourth version focuses on the “mobile-first” perspective, and allows designers to work on websites for mobile devices before they even start designing the desktop ones.


Foundation is an alternative to Twitter Bootstrap, a popular and widely preferred CSS framework. In fact, developers have found that Foundation is, in many ways, better than Bootstrap. Foundation is already gaining a huge amount of popularity and is getting used in high-profile websites like National Geographic and Pixar. But what is the reason behind this surge in acceptance? Let us take a closer look at Foundation and also try to find out how effective it is going to be when used with WordPress.


A Quick Glance:

Using CSS framework helps to achieve quick prototyping. Foundation, with all the necessary tools, gives you exactly this! The purpose behind its creation is to quickly combine production codes and prototypes at a faster rate. The ability of Foundation to produce results quickly makes it an ideal choice for developers who are working on a deadline.


The Advanced Front-end Tools:

One of the biggest advantages of using Foundation is its capability to implement complex UI elements. Moreover, it comes with some innovative custom jQuery plug-ins which are not available in any other framework. Here is the list comprising the most noteworthy features of Foundation:


  • Joyride – a cross-browser compatible plug-in which gives a tour to the users visiting your app or website.

  • Reveal – a custom jQuery plug-in which is used for easy modal calls across any device.

  • A fluid grid which supports offsets, source ordering, nesting and device presentation.

  • UI elements for thumbnails, video, tables, accordions, tooltips, buttons, alerts and a lot more.

  • Abundance of navigation styles to choose from.

  • Custom Clearing plug-in which show responsive light-boxes.



Using Foundation With WordPress:

 The compatibility of Foundation with WordPress is mind-boggling. Needless to say, the WordPress themes which are powered by Foundation are gaining massive attention. Out of these themes, there are three which stand above the rest:


#1. Required+: It is the “parent theme” of Foundation which is used in WordPress. This theme increases the chance of producing impressive results with its code examples, alert boxes, 4 widget areas, 6 custom page templates, extensive documentation, and tooltips.


#2. WP-Foundation: WP-Foundation is an equally exciting WordPress theme which comes with 4 page templates, pre-styled shortcodes, and the Theme Options panel which makes it easier to quickly change link colors, text styles, heading styles, and more.


#3. Reverie: This HTML5 responsive WordPress framework lets you update Foundation files any time you want as it is designed to keep the files separate. It comes with 2 menus and 2 widget areas. It also provide custom menu and caption outputs. Reverie also supports famous plug-ins like BuddyPress 1.5 and bbPress 2.0.



 Beyond any doubt, Foundation is one highly-promising CSS framework. The fast pace at which a website is developed through Foundation will soon expand its ecosystem. And with that, more themes and plug-ins will start coming in to make it easier to work when WordPress and Foundation comes together.

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Sudeep Banerjee is the Founder & President of B3NET Inc., the leading Orange County Web Development firm, since 1999 in California. He is a forward thinking leader with expertise in Digital Marketing, Web Design and Mobile Application Development and Amazon Sales Consulting. He is an author, speaker and a consultant with 28 years of experience. He loves to play Basketball and Golf.

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