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Five Things That You Should Place On The First Page Of The Website


Much like business meetings, your website also gets only one chance to leave a mark on clients and visitors. And the best way to do this is to list your company’s profile and functions as clearly as possible on the web page. This leads to the obvious question about your website: HOW USER-FRIENDLY IS IT? You are the best judge. You can judge yourself leniently or strictly, but either way, here is a list of five things that should definitely be on the first page of any business website.



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Your Contact Information:


It is best to include your phone number and email link to enable your clients to contact you for information and queries. Also, enlist the address of your physical location along with the zip code. This will help you to build good customer relations as your clients can easily have access to information regarding your company, and the services you provide.

Use appropriate images to represent your work:


Always display a picture of your product on the very first page of your website so that visitors do not get confused about the services you offer. So if you have a cake shop, then display an image of a cake that you have baked, rather than using pictures of families and occasions like birthdays and weddings. Be careful before you add motion graphics to your images as this can often distract the visitor.


The Navigation on your page should be smooth:


Clear navigation signs at the top or bottom of the page always make it easier for the visitors to maneuver their way across your web page. Using buttons with clearly marked words corresponding to the specific part of the content to which it refers always helps visitors to get the information that they require. Ensuring the fact that all your links are working perfectly is an essential part of giving a boost to site’s credibility. Broken links tick off a visitor. In case of an e-commerce site, these broken links will not only prevent customers from completing orders, but gives an impression that you are too negligent about your site.


Encourage customers to sign up for your newsletter:


You can increase customer loyalty by sending them regular newsletters. To attract more customers, you can have a sign-up box which advertises a discount on future orders for all those who register with their email ids. Since it is a call to action, make sure that it is rightly highlighted in the page.


Use Social Media Buttons to Gain Visibility:


Allow your visitors to follow and stay in touch with you on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Make sure you add the social media buttons and link them to the respective profile pages. Using the recognizable icons of these sites will make it even easier for your customers to connect with you. Using feed widgets is also a good idea, as it will encourage sharing on the social media. It’s important that you pay attention to the details to make your site stand out in the competitive crowd. Your website displays the kind of work you do and services that you offer. So be wise while selecting the ways you wish to market your brands and products and gain greater visibility.


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