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First Impression Lasts Long! Make Your Web Design Brand Conversion Count

web design brand conversion

How you go about branding is what ends your marketing.

Your website is more than just about branding when it comes to dealing businesses online. Of course that is the speciality of internet marketing after all. It’s more like working as a sales team where you combine advertising and marketing to produce the desired effect = Make Conversions!

It’s every web development story!

Conversion Is What Makes Your Web Design Count

Or else, time you wrap everything up and get down to rework again. My main objective here is to point out that when you develop a website for your service, do not indulge your attention completely towards branding. You and I both know branding is more like creating a kind of personality or embedding an image in the consumers’ mind. It is what you are that defines branding. However, speaking of it solely will not fetch you money if you are serious at all about earning a return on investment. That is why you require visitors to take the call-to-action.

Marketing campaigns are sub divided into two segments – Brand Marketing and Direct Response Marketing

This sub division down the line is what I term as the Web Development Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel dissects a visitor’s attention into two directions. One that responds to you by framing a picture of your service in the mind and the other that responds by taking the action. Brand marketing takes care of influencing the viewer’s mind with a specialized effect. Take for example, the ads run by McDonalds. Most of their ad campaigns feature happy customers with smiling faces, enjoying a hamburger and a milkshake. This is accompanied by their brand slogan – ‘ I’m Lovin’ It!’

So, if you think of ‘McDonalds’ right now, you realize you want to spend some happy time eating out burgers and drinking milkshakes.

Direct Response on the other hand, is what measures your monetary investment. You create an engaging email newsletter campaign to promote your newly developed mobile app. It only works when someone from your targeted group takes the lead to convert by pressing on the CTA button.

Your design sells when customers respond directly how you want them to.

Web design is a combination of both direct response and brand marketing. If you design a site ignoring the common elements of SEO tricks, then your creation does not convert. On the other hand, if you design a website ignoring how it ends up looking like, then that too could have an indirect effect on your conversion. This is where I introduce the inverted marketing funnel or the topsy turvy web development strategy where both the methods (Direct Response and Brand Marketing) flow backwards to frame the combined formula of branding and converting.

Bottom Line is – It Works With A Double Thumbs Up!

In the light of this well researched hypothesis, let me tell you some secret that will help you tackle both branding and conversion simultaneously. But before that, remember that your web page has only 50 milliseconds to create its first impression in the viewer’s mind. Making this first impression is what requires a web designer to focus on factors like colors, structure, symmetry, spacing, fonts, texts and more. Let’s have a look at some of the user behavior and the respective key takeaways to make your branding conversion effective.

#1 – Opinions Can Form Within 17 ms Only

And it can happen mostly with designs. Websites that are visually less complicated but have a high prototypicality, generally are more appealing and attention grabbing. You are welcome to adopt modern and innovative web design trends but be sure to touch it up with layouts that are slightly less unconventional. This reduces the trouble of users who might otherwise find it difficult and confusing to look around.

#2 – Impression Takes 2.6 Seconds To Form And Can Last Longer

Here are some website elements that generally draw the maximum viewer attention and how long they linger-

  • The brand logo – Users can spend about 6.48 seconds of their attention on the brand logo before they move on to some other element.

  • The navigation menu – This can take a maximum of 6.44 seconds (approximately) of the users’ attention and is as popular as the brand logo.

  • The search box – The average time most viewers spend over here is approximately 6 seconds.

  • The main image – The maximum time span to have a visitor’s attention fixated over here is around 5.94 seconds.

  • The content – Users can spend about 5.59 seconds to find out what the content is all about.

  • The web page footer information – Here, users are found to spend around 5.25 seconds of their total attention.

Now that you have a general overview how each element of your website works out to influence your visitors, make sure these 6 elements are designed to create a good impression. This is because first impressions follow a longer page visit duration.

#3 – Great Web Designs Contribute To About 94% Of The First Impression

In a website, 94% is all about the design while the rest 6% is about the copy. Your web design must be visually appealing and must convey your brand message clearly but at the same time must accompany a smooth user interface. Poor design interface can often result in rapid website rejection and mistrust. Once a visitor is able to blend in with your web design instantly, he/she will automatically explore further throughout the web page. Besides, inspiration often drives to better impression and can often turn up as a stimuli that catalyzes generate positive conversion. Tourism related websites for example, are found to make a greater impact when their web designs incorporate inspirational elements. The idea of selling a dream holiday to the Fiji islands finds more appeal when it is accompanied by inspiring photography along with a call to action.

#4 – Positive Impression Generates Higher Satisfaction

Everyone loves to embrace the positive vibe. Creating a positive impression makes your brand more trustworthy and might excuse some of your otherwise design hiccups down the page. Besides, you know first impressions are destined to create a lasting impression. To understand as to why negative impressions could turn out to be devastating, the human brain takes a negative element to be ‘expectancy-violating’, which is generally an exception to the general rule. This might turn out to be violating and hence could turn your brand as an element of prejudice for years to come.

While all the above guidelines have been framed based on observations of the user behavior, nevertheless, the core to all these explanations is to make your seconds count. That is why, before you even plunge into making your web design branding convert, your above the fold pages must rock. As already stated before, web design trends have changed and have modernized a lot over the last few years. While a single page layout is now preferred more than multiple page layout, your challenge stays the same. You have 0.05 seconds to make your design count and the earliest trick to begin your web design strategy would be to make your above the fold page rock.

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