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What Ecommerce Trends Can Elevate Your Online Customer Traffic?


With the ever growing percentage rate of online products, retailers are trying to find out new ways to increase their marketing strategies that would help them get the maximum profit outcome.

With 2014 reaching its end, researchers have discovered business firms adopting different techniques, to build a better business-to-community relationship. As you will read on, you will find how the new trends appear to be more innovative and more consumer-centric (which is good) and these new steps are going to evolve in the coming 2015.

New Ecommerce Trends That Will Change 2015 E-Marketing Scenario



1. Focus More On International Opportunities

Having an online store helps you reach beyond borders. According to CISCO VNI SA Forecast, 32% internet accessibility, which was back then in 2012, will perk up to approximately 48% by 2017.

When you could take your online store global, this will be the right time to increase your e-accessibility.

2. Using Multichannel Strategies

Online consumers are always looking for more advanced user experiences. One of the trending e-technique is to provide viewers with a single platform, where they can enter different online stores at the same time and make a price comparison. This will provide retailers with opportunities to sell their products on a multiple number of platforms.

Will small business brands survive? A big YES! They will get an elevated credit to stand on the same level along with big brands. This makes it easy for small firms to reach out their target’s attention.

To give you an interesting fact, in the quarterly year 2012, Amazon sold about 39% (i.e. 10.8 products in one day) of goods. Actually! These were sold by third party retailers.

Optimizing is the popular choice. You can integrate tools (like ChannelAdvisor) that will help to manage and automate during processing orders and submission of products.

3. Making Mobile Marketing Easy

According to Goldman Sachs, in 2013 m-commerce had reached a global sale of $133 billion. This will rise to $638 by 2018. According to a report in 2013, ASOS, an online fashion retailer, based in UK, received their maximum number of purchasing orders from online.


Therefore, you must try to improve your mobile optimization so that viewers do not find it troublesome to browse for your products and queries.

Integrating plug-ins that make payments easy, can make your e-store take a step further.

4. Making Usage of Data and Analytics

This is the time to make full use of data and analytics that can help you understand your customer’s insight. Using these data and analytics can help retailers (specially the ones belonging to fashion industry) to suggest products, which might be their customer’s taste (you can suggest this based on your customer’s previous purchase).

This not only builds up a smarter business but also helps in strengthening the customer-company relationship.

Make full usage of these tools to grab new customers, increase sales to those existing and retaining a strong bond with them.

5. Make Full Use of Your Social Sites

Social sites can be utilized not just for selling products but also to post interesting content. Post interesting videos and images, which will make customers want to come not just for shopping but also for being entertained.

Companies strictly maintaining their sites for ecommerce purpose, will be suffering a lot more than just traffics.

Always make full use of data to understand your social site’s ROI.

6. Deliver Your Service Within One day

An online store that can deliver such kind of service, will definitely be the preferred one among others. Amazon Prime had become a pioneer, by providing such service and has about 20 million users registered to their e-store.

7. Add A Personal Touch To Your Site

Most Customers like being pampered and you can avail this opportunity to increase your sales. There are retailers, who are trying to integrate their online stores with social sites can offer people with customixed offers like wish list, loyaty schemes,coupons. There are also plug-ins, which can help customers make a decision about some kind of product through price differentiation.

8. Develop New Features

As ecommerce trends are taking new turns, you have to develop new features and integrate plug-ins, to make your site a little bit interesting than others. You can get tools that lets a viewer bookmark a particular page and then share it among his/her social friends to help making a decision.

Social media platform is changing the marketing scenario to a different level. As the competiotion tightens, you will have to innovate new ideas to survive the global ecommerce trends.

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