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Converting Visitors to Buyers


Routinely, when I am consulting you guys (new prospective clients, small business owners and CEO’s) tell me we are getting traffic to our website but we are not selling. A lot of you folks are happy about the traffic but do not take into account that “conversion” is the most important matrix that your website. Non target visitors is good in the sense that your business is getting visibility but the key thing is when conversion as that is when your cash register ring.

You know it , a lot of hard work with brainstorming, analysis and testing goes in for creating a web site and once complete and ready for the world to see, it boils down to bringing in new customers and continue retaining the old ones.



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So, you gear up to do some business and bring in the benefits, but did you ever realize that a huge traffic flow might not necessarily be a huge customer base. We are going to discuss a thing or two on the subject, on how to convert those visitors to people who shall actually pay for your product or services.

Accomplishing it is however not that easy, but if you follow the process of conversion, the rate of which is the ratio between visitors and buyers (e.g. 100 people coming in and 10 people actually buying products from your site is a 10:1 ratio). A 1:1 conversion ratio is 100% success in terms of benefiting from the work and the money you have put in, so how do we start about it?

Forrester (August 2007) calculated an average conversion rate to be near 2.9% in e-commerce, so exceeding this percentage shall determine you above average. You will need to put in your efforts marketing your website and the products/services it sells, with a budget that can be mapped properly to your return on investment. Your primary lookout should be increasing the revenue inflow without spending any further. So, here are a few simple ways to maximize your conversion potentials.

The website design comes first in this aspect. The design captivates your visitor and then the content drives him to what to do next. Unless you state clearly what you do in a grabbing manner, chances are less that the conversion shall happen.


Yet, the content must be to the point so your website visitors can act directly; it must make them believe by drawing their attention towards the item you are selling. It shall also build customer loyalty to turn them to returning ones. Implementing a reward program shall increase the chances tenfold if you are e-commerce.

However, practically speaking, such strategies are endless and are often customized as per the needs, while the content remains one of the standards that hold on every ground.


It makes easy for visitors to understand what their next course of action should be. To make all this happen to hire a leading website design orange county company and we shall bring you tons of growth for your business. Or, for a quicker result, call us at 714-936-0208

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