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Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Marketing in the online platform has been very dynamic. Whether small policy changes of the search engine and social media platform or the constantly evolving taste of the audience, challenges for the digital marketing companies have always been there.

There are numerous factors that every online marketer must consider to ensure

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Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

A few years ago, Business @ the Speed of Thought, a book by Microsoft founder Bill Gates was published. The book attempted to explain how digital infrastructure and evolving technology can help businesses enhance their efficiency and productivity, and succeed in the modern corporate landscape. While some of the specific

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The Intersection Between Branding and Design

If you are in need of a solid logo and a strong branding effort, you need to understand the relationship between logos and branding and design. The reality is that logo creation, branding, and design are inseparable.

This linkage exists from the moment brand development and initial logo design commence. The

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Explore 6 Myths & Reality of Digital Marketing

Nowadays, digital marketing has become synonymous with business. The globally encompassed entity of digital marketing has greatly broadened the range of options and platforms to the business owners to let them promote their businesses in all the possible ways. In order to understand the present in a better way, it

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