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Bequeathing Websites with Quick Loading Capability


The most recent verdict of Google states that websites with quicker loading capabilities will get positive points in the ranking race. So enunciated below, are ways which can be integrated to improve the loading speed of the web pages:


Image Sources: www.clickcentricseo.com

  • Formatting of the Image:The graphical websites has to have Image files which are easier to load. JPG is the most widely used as it is the most suitable, GIFs or PNG are fine too.
  • Image Optimization:When optimizing the image it is necessary to click on the “save your web” option in the tool editor before the images are uploaded.
  • Height and Width: The height and width of the images need to be defined accordingly.
  • Optimize your CSS:Ensure that the CSS is clean.
  • Including a slash in the hyperlinks:Including a slash in the link makes the server to call the page quicker. For example “www.mywebsite.com/products/,” the server identifies the address and therefore directly calls the page.


Incorporating all these components and tweaking the websites accordingly will lessen the loading time. The websites would be more accessible and generate more viewership.

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Sudeep Banerjee

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