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B3NET Inc. at Google Agency Day in Los Angeles

b3net google agency day

B3NET Inc. is a Google Agency Partner. Energetic Google team in a photo op. These guys were great. They shared a lot of knowledge with us, how we can be very effective when managing our client campaigns.

google agency day

Fei keeping the audience engaged at Google Agency Day in Los Angeles. She is Google’s Marketing Manager leading B2B marketing for the Americas. With a master’s degree from Harvard University, she is a published author, a marathon runner and a fan of outdoor activities.

sudeep banerjee at google agency day

(Left to Right) Preston, Katherine, Sudeep, Vince, Joe and Josh.

Bob Coakley

Bob Coakley, keynote speaker on stage in an Agency Training Session.

b3net at google agency day

Fun stuff at Google agency day in Los Angeles.

sudeep banerjee at google agency day

Speaking Googlicious

b3net inc google conference

(Left to Right) Vince, Dayan and Sudeep

sudeep banerjee at google

Sudeep and Dayan enjoying the moment at Google Agency Day, Los Angeles.

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Sudeep Banerjee

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Sudeep Banerjee is the Founder & President of B3NET Inc., the leading Orange County Web Development firm, since 1999 in California. He is a forward thinking leader with expertise in Digital Marketing, Web Design and Mobile Application Development and Amazon Sales Consulting. He is an author, speaker and a consultant with 28 years of experience. He loves to play Basketball and Golf.