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Apple Launches its New Updated iOS to Resolve the Battery Problem of 4S


Apple launched its most recent version of its mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Now available for download, the latest version supports the Japanese version of Siri. This is first newer edition to the iOS since November last year. The update would feature some added components and fix the iPhone’s much-noted battery problems.




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iOS version 5.0.1

The iOS 5 was identified to be responsible for the widely attributed power problems of the iPhone 4S. Apple immediately introduced the iOS version 5.0.1 but the update did not address the battery issue. Three and half month of investigation produced iOS 5.1 that resolved the situation.  The recent software was a boon to those who were greatly displeased with Apple. The 5.1 version also featured a new slide to open camera with an alternative on the lock screen. The owners of the Apple products can download the version and thereby make the switch.

Devices compatible with iOS 5.1

  •     iPhone 4S
  •     iPad
  •     iPhone 3GS
  •     iPhone 4
  •     iPad 2
  •     iPod touch (4th generation)
  •     iPod touch (3rd generation)

Features of iOS 5.1

Siri speaks six different languages:


The Company expanded its audience by integrating the Japanese version of Siri. It now supports six languages: English, Australian English, British English, German, Japanese and the French.

 Lock Screen Camera Slider:


A new home screen welcomes you. The upgraded version dazzles up with a “slide to unlock” feature. Taking photos has never been this easy, with the consumers being able to snap even from a locked screen. It is not enabled by a pass-code and lets the user takes instantaneous photos.

Concerns about the battery life :


The new upgraded version of the iOS 5.1 addressed the distress of the battery that was experienced by the owners of 4S.

Genius Mixes and Playlists :


The new software upgrade offered new Genius mixes and playlists for the iTunes Match subscribers. Making the discovery of new music, TV shows and movies became more convenient as the upgrade suggested options based on the choice of the consumer.

Upgraded Photo Stream :


The new software allows the user to delete photos directly from the Photo Stream.


  1. Face detection enabled camera
  2. Optimized clearer and louder sound delivery.
  3. Updated AT&T network indicator
  4. Podcast controls for playback speed and a 30 second rewind for iPad
  5. Redesigned Camera app for iPad


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