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Earn Maximum Money with B3NET Affiliate Program

What is B3NET Affiliate Program?
Affiliate marketing is a large scale, performance based marketing, where affiliates play the crucial role of driving visitors to the advertiser's site/s. In return, affiliates get financial rewards.
The B3NET Affiliate Program has been designed to invite affiliates like you, who can actively contribute to the growth of our business. As an affiliate/publisher, you will be responsible to drive traffic from your site to our site, through the affiliate (API) link.
Here, B3NET is your advertiser/ merchant, trying to generate leads/ traffic/ revenue with your collaboration. The B3NET Affiliate Program is a great platform for you to make money.

How it works?

Joining our Affiliate Program is an easy way to earn money. What you need to do is, simply share the benefits and services of B3NET with your friends, forums and online groups with the API link (you will get the API link after signing up).
Don't know how to start? Worry not! Follow the 5 easy steps listed below:
Get paid for each lead converted to sale within a period of 30 days.

Your Benefits = Our Success:

Affiliates are paid only for the successful conversions or sales from the advertisers' sites. B3NET offers you the rewarding opportunity to receive a commission of 5% on each qualified lead or successful conversion.
The more qualified leads and conversions you generate for us by promoting the affiliate links, the more will be your financial gain. So, join the B3NET Affiliate Program now to give a great hike to your income!
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How to get paid?
As an affiliate of B3NET, you will get a commission of 5% for each lead converting to sale. You will get paid for the number of leads converted to sales in a period of 30 days. You don't need to meet any specific target to get paid. You will be paid for each sale we get through you.
We will make the payment through Paypal.