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7 Necessary Things for Small Business Website Development


Be it big or small, developing official websites are no more optional. In order to carve a web presence in the online dominion, having a fully-functional website is of paramount importance. Website is the virtual face of your business and intuitively designed websites shall pull in the target web traffic and turn visitors into potential clients.

While things in the market are easier for a big business as they already have a large and loyal customer-base, the official website of a small business is the holds the impetus to mark its growth on the competitive arena. As things are tougher for the small business owners, here are seven necessary things to keep in mind while developing a website for a small business:

Clear Description about the Business

Make people understand that this is the website they are looking for. BE bold about your brand name, showcase the products/services on the homepage itself. Your visitors won’t spend ages to understand what you do.


Simple and Easy-to-remember Web address

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Have a simple web address which will be easy for your potential customers to remember and type that into the address bar or in an e-mail address. Do not try and make the web address too long or too confusing




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Make sure that you do not mess up the navigation of the website. Easy to navigate websites win better credibility among the users. When you have multiple products to display in the web, one of the best ways is to use breadcrumbs in navigation which will enable the visitors to access all the webpages easily.


Detailed Contact Information

Ideally, you should have a separate contact page in your site, but make sure, your phone number and e-mail id is there in all the pages. When you integrate map to provide information about your physical location, you are engaging the visitors for sure.


Fresh and Quality Content

Original and well-written content is the key to your website success, so, while developing a website, make sure that the web copy contains relevant information about your business and the products and services you offer. Ideally, your web copies should be crisp and concise.


Consider the SEO Perspective

In order to rank well in the Search Engine Result Pages, you would need to think from the SEO perspective. For instance, you need to have clean and valid codes, refrain from using Javascripts and Flash, link your pages internally, check for the broken links or unidentified errors, avoid link duplication etc. By following SEO friendly web design and development strategies, you will be scoring well in the SERPs.


Separate Section for Customer Testimonials

Honest words about your business from previous customers help in making your services and products more tangible to customers visiting the website for the first time. Stories of real-life experiences with your business will help them know things you have not mentioned about yourself in the website. Let those testimonials fly high in your site!


A Final Note

Web development services require you to be vigilant on multiple intricate issues. The small businesses need not rely too much on jaw-dropping graphics and bewildering animations, rather, it is imperative to stick to the basics and develop a site that is creative, user-responsive and easy to navigate.

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