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6 Reasons Why Browser Push Notification is Must For Website

browser push notification

Marketers are continuously experimenting and inducting new ways to grab the attention of prospective buyers. Competition is fierce, and thousands of dollars are spent every year to make an edge over others in the field.

The field of the internet has only accelerated the situation. Moreover, the myriad of content available on the internet has resulted in shorter attention spans which make marketing a product tougher in today’s world.

The plethora of marketing mediums

Though marketers have been instrumenting different mediums and platforms but it has been established that the whole purpose of inbound marketing would fail if the delivery of the information is delayed by a few seconds.

Though brands are continuously using social media platforms for engaging prospects, “email” still is perceived as the best medium for one-to-one communication. However, the modern marketing arena needs to focus on ways by which both time and effectiveness of action can be improved.

As marketers are continually experimenting with the different channels for marketing, one of the marketing tools that has ensured positive results and can be used as an effective communication channel is Website Push Notification.

Therefore it is imperative for you as a marketer to have a better understanding of this effective communication tool and its mechanism and its usage.

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An overview of the technology

Apart from optimizing your website, clickable messages that are circulated by websites to subscribers’ and these are known as browser push notification. These are quite similar to mobile app push notification. The only difference being, like in the case of app push notification which can only be accessed through mobiles, website app notifications can be accessed through all kind of digital platforms like mobile, laptops, desktops etc.

Therefore, such website messages pop out of a device or desktop even when the particular website is not open in your browser. This medium thus has turned out to be an effective marketing channel. It can be used to re-engage visitors in case of lack of personal information like email id.

Advantages of implementing Website Browser Push Notification over other channels

As discussed, Website Push Notification has a highly effective success rate and produces real-time effects. Apart from this, there is a host of reasons which has made this channel of communication a must-use medium for marketers big or small.

Here are some of the advantages of implementing browser push notification for your website.

  • Non-confined to mobile users only – One of the biggest advantages of creating push notification for a website is that you are no more confined to an audience who are mobile phone users. As a matter of fact, you can reach users across various digital platforms.
  • Wide reach across browsers –  Chrome, Safari and Firefox have 61-77% of combined market share and these browsers support push notification. So, the reach of this marketing tool is immense.
  • Opportunity to engage users without knowing their contact detail – A great advantage of website push notification is that it lets you re-engage with users whose email address you are not aware of.
  • Higher opt-in rates than other mediums – Another big advantage with push notifications is that messages are delivered in real-time. Moreover, as users need not share their personal information or contact details, they can easily unsubscribe from receiving information. Therefore, users themselves often opt for web push notification over emails or SMS, thus ensuring higher response rate than other forms of communication mediums.
  • Assured and prompt content delivery – The minute a notification is sent the exact same minute the notification is delivered. That is the case with push notification, it’s an assured way of reaching out to the user, without getting spammed.
  • Higher conversation rate – This is definitely the most distinctive reason for people to choose this as the most effective medium of marketing as studies across have shown push notification to produce 30 times higher conversation rates.


Effective communication is undoubtedly the most important ingredient for a great marketing model. With so many mediums to communicate, the most important determinant to choose a marketing medium and design and develop with Orange County Web Design company that suits you and your business best, should be the effectiveness of the medium. Push notification for websites is undoubtedly a great way to circulate a message across.

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