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5 New Year Resolutions Web Developers Must Take in 2015

Web Designers New Year Resolutions

It is the first month of New Year and before you once again get ready to go ahead with your website, let us hold still for a while and discuss about what are your plans first. With last year gone, there is no more time to talk about how your site fared in the Internet marketing world. Now is the time to take into considerations your website performance data and think about the new strategies you wish to have in your web development list in 2015.


Without further ado, here are some –


5 suggestions web developers might be interested to note down on their web development resolution list:

Web Designers New Year Resolutions

#1 – Time To Go Responsive

It had already been predicted last year that there would be a rise in smartphone users by almost 1 Billion this year. So, responsive website design is now no more an option. Besides, Google prefers to give a ranking boost to those websites that are mobile friendly. Responsive templates make your site’s layout adjustable to the screen size of any electronic device. The biggest benefit for both you and for your users, is that, your site could be accessed from any device with only one URL. You could be losing a lot of traffic if you still do not have a responsive template for your site.


#2 – Implement Front End Frameworks

Responsive design is your solution to enable your website to be accessed from any device. For this you need technologies and tools to help you implement this into your designs. Front end frameworks come here. They are a collection of ready to use coding components HTML5 / CSS / JavaScript , which you need to integrate in your design. Frameworks make your job easier. They enable you to build up a responsive website, keeping in compliance with your website standards while keeping things smooth and simple. The other benefits that come along with it are speed boosts and consistency across several devices.


#3 – Using Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) For Web Design

In the coming years, web designers would be expected to appreciate the value of cloud based solution for their web design. A SaaS based CMS comes with tools for building a website, services for site hosting and a blogging platform that would make the job of a web designer easier. He / she can get access to some of the best softwares available for building up a website. The impact of SaaS on web design will continue to grow given the benefit one would get from using a cloud based solution server.


#4 – Securing Web Pages With SSL Certificate

More or less, almost every website today loves to interact with its clients and maintain a good customer relation management. Installing an SSL certificate is mainly done by e-commerce sites to ensure that personal information related to their clients and credit card details are secured. Till now, many e-commerce websites do not have an SSL certificate installed to their site. These sites could be losing two things right now –


A. When a customer decides to load a product to the shopping cart, the site could be showing a warning of untrusted certificate and


B. They might miss a boost in their ranking, which Google awards to the SSL enabled sites. Hence, redirecting your website from http:// to https:// could be a quick win for your website.


#5 – Removal Of Bad Links

Inbound links could be of great help to increase your ranking level. However, a bad link could do just the opposite, which could ultimately result in penalization of your site. There are tools available to help you detect the inbound links based on metrics, and do away with the bad links. This process could turn out to be complicated and time consuming, for which you may consider seeking help from a reputed web development firm.

These are some of the current issues that require your attention right now. If your website is already having all these above tips implemented in it, then what else do you wish to see in your website development strategy list?

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