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5 Must Know Reasons Why Your Start-Up Needs A Website Now

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It is hard to imagine a business firm not having a professional website online. However, that is what the reality still is with many retail shops, restaurants and other organizations who feel they don’t have much role to play when it comes to hosting a website. Everyone needs a website today! Speaking of hosting a website, there is one common mistake that most business startups tend to do. They think a website is important only when you have competition or when you want to have more customers.

That is not absolutely true! A website is like your business card that you can use constantly as an identity. Today, even business cards come with an email address along with necessary details like the name, phone number, etc. A tourist who has just arrived in town might be looking into the web to search for the nearest lodge or restaurant that is affordable. A to be mother does not need to be dependent on anyone to do her chores because she knows You are there to deliver her purchased items right over to her door mat. A person has no idea that you have opened a pharmacy just a week back, if Google does not bring it to his/her notice.

Do you get the picture?

Enough to explain the need for a start-up to have a website online I think. Now that you have a clear idea about the why, let’s take this talk further to understand how a website will benefit an owner from the business point of view:

#1 – Beat Your Competitors

Not literally, but strategically. Having a website lets customers reach you first, surpassing your competitors. You can attract customers with first hand information on what’s new and whether there is any special weekend discount that might interest them. By getting your location listed on the Google Map, people can find you out even before they find your competitors.

#2 – Make It Convenient For Everyone

Unlike a traditional business card, a website can be a more convenient place for clients to seek information about your business. What’s more! It serves as a complete business package where customers can learn about your company history, mission and vision, the services you provide, details about your work, ability to make a purchase online and a direct line of communication from the contact page. All these make a business website a convenient mode to grow one’s business.

#3 – Build Your Professional credibility

Your business might turn out to be moving incredibly slow (especially for start ups) when you don’t have much proof of credibility to add to your portfolio. Customers will generally hesitate to work with you if they are unable to find any information that will ensure that your service quality can be trusted. A website helps a start up to build a good impression that will ensure customers about your business commitment. You would notice people becoming more willing to work with you.

#4 – Provide A Good Customer Relationship

What better way to build a good relationship than by providing a customer service to clients whenever they need it. Helping your customers will make them come back to your site again and again, now that you have built a good rapport that has indirectly also created some impression on your client’s mind. Some of the best ways to do so is by adding articles, an FAQ page, responding to any inquiries within 24X7 or sending newsletters to targeted clients. Building a website therefore helps to add value to your brand.

#5 – Make This One Time Investment For Long Period Benefits

The thing about having a website is that, you can use it as a continuous platform of advertisement via multiple mediums. It can be your newsletter, your landing pages, your banner slides, your blog page…you can always let the customer know about any special offers or prices that would help to draw their attention. This can turn out to be cost effective when compared to an investment expenditure of a newspaper advertisement, which is a one day promotion and then everyone forgets. You can invest further to constantly appear on the newspaper, a website on the other hand is a one time investment that comes with the potentiality to continue reaching potential markets even if you had posted an information long time back.

Internet exposure is very important for every business owner big or small. With digitalization, if you still do not have a website design ready yet, then you are not helping your brand to grow. By the way, some experts may say that hosting a website depends on what goal an entrepreneur has in mind, like whether they would like to reach more targets or is it that they have too much already and prefer not to engage any more traffic. This is hard to agree with to some extent, because a website is not just useful for bringing more and more customers, but also to help those who already know you but would like to know you better. Now closing the doors on your customer’s face is not a good business strategy, don’t you think? Design a website for your e-commerce now or else, hire a web design company where professional experts know how to develop the perfect website for your business.

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