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Learn 5 Effective Website Design Principles


Did you know that website design is all about learning the 5 fundamental tricks to help make yourself a favorite among your target audience. So this comprehensive piece will help you to know how you can make headlines just by creating that dream website for your company. Don’t we all wish that the launch of our website will create quite a stir for all the right reasons. Watch out this space to know how!

Website Design Principles

5 Best Ways to make Heads Turn with the Help of Website Design


  • Play with Few Colors –One of the biggest misconceptions that most people have is to use bright colors because they feel it helps in grabbing attention. Break this idea fast. Using bright colors hit your vision and visitors feel you are trying too hard to stand out. Instead, choose a moderate palette of colors that are mild yet stands out in the crowd. And the most interesting bit is – choose a single color and use a variation of undertones of the same color.


  • Strike the Right Balance – Too much or too less of anything is always a bad idea and we know it. The trick is to strike that perfect balance, that balance will hit all the right chords among visitors and help you gather the ticks in all the right boxes. And website design is all about managing everything together and making it look like one unit. In this case learning to balance out all the nitty-gritties of web design is important. So learn it and execute it.


  • Maintain Clarity – How to maintain clarity, yet at the same time convey the right message and grab the attention of your visitors? Tough call? But not anymore if you can keep certain parameters in mind. And they are – simplicity in the flow of your website, a familiarity in what you are trying to convey and what is actually getting conveyed via your website, a consistency when all the elements of the website are put together. Maintain these things, maintain clarity.


  • Make things Available & Accessible easily – How do you make your website easily available to people? No brownie points for guessing that the answer to this would be to opt for responsive design. With responsive design on board, whether Tablet or Smartphone, your website is available to all. The accessibility of visitors to reach you is easy and all thanks to the social media for that. Connect with everyone from the various social media profiles.


  • Keep things User-Friendly – Users are too much in love with their own comfort. So much so that they hate going out of their comfort zone for something that has too many options. There are several other websites available on the web. So if you can pamper your audience the most, then be rest assured that they will keep coming back to you. So design a website that is very user-friendly, this will help you to tick well with your target audience.

So pull up your socks and get to work. Since it takes two to tango, accumulate all your resources and get to work.

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Sarah Clark

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Sarah Clark, working in B3NET Inc. as Technical Editor. B3NET is leading orange county web design company in California.