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2011 and the Importance of Mobile Marketing


With the New Year 2011 coming in, internet marketing companies are placing a considerable amount of hope on the mobile marketing industry. It is quite evident that we can no longer stick to something that is well established in the market. With the high competition seen in the market today, you can only hope to make the most of a marketing strategy as long as it is still considered as news.

As soon as it is an established avenue for the marketers, your competitors are on to it, leaving you little or no space to achieve your goals!

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Therefore, once again, almost every business owner needs to recognize this and seriously consider a mobile website if they want to make the most of mobile marketing. And there are a number of reasons why mobile marketing through mobile websites (along with mobile SEO) can prove to be very vital for business marketing.

  • People are more after real time results – on the go. This is exactly what a mobile platform offers for the visitors


  • Forrester Research states that 74% of the US retailers had plans of using mobile internet back in mid 2010 – and the numbers have increased drastically with time


  • Jupiter Research states that over 10 users in every 100 users will be going in for m-ticketing by 2014


Instead of going into more statistical data, let us clearly understand that all forms of communication are headed towards being mobile today. Therefore the best idea would be to make the most of it before the mobile platform becomes as clogged as the internet has become today. And there may not be enough time left to spare.

Starting early towards implementing a mobile website and mobile search engine optimization for your business can add power to your business operations (driving in more sales) and at the same time, and at the same time take your business ahead of your competitors before they too realize the inevitability of getting on with mobile business marketing towards promoting their business.

So plan before your competitors do. Offer your business to your customers whenever they want it, wherever they may be. The right mobile internet marketing planning can be what you start 2011 with!


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Sudeep Banerjee

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Sudeep Banerjee is the Founder & President of B3NET Inc., the leading Orange County Web Development firm, since 1999 in California. He is a forward thinking leader with expertise in Digital Marketing, Web Design and Mobile Application Development and Amazon Sales Consulting. He is an author, speaker and a consultant with 28 years of experience. He loves to play Basketball and Golf.